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​We at J.D. Brokers & Forwarding Co. specialize in project cargo. From major Hotel projects, Oil Refinery, Electrical Plants, and Water Plants in the Caribbean, to vessel chartering for special project in Latin America. We have the knowledge and the expertise to handle all types of project shipping.

Transportation for out-of-gauge cargo, large scale items, and exceptional loads present logistical challenges that require special skills and expertise. These projects can involve loading, crating, bracing, permits, and other special handling to have the shipment meet all requirements for land, air, or ocean transportation. To execute these types of shipment you need great care and expertise that a company like ours will meet and exceed your expectations.


Special Projects

With many years of expertise, we customize our supply chain solutions to effectively manage such special projects. We combine our knowledge, our logistical and human resource skills in order to tailored our services to your needs.Let our special project team manage the transportation challenges associated with your project shipments. No matter size of your project, and/or heavy equipment. Let us use our expertise to get the job done right and more importantly on a timely matter.

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